Board of directors

board-of-directorsFront Row: Sitting from Left to right
Ms. Aldith William, Board Director (Banking); Ms. Gloria Goffe, Board Director (Welfare of Person with Disabilities); Mrs. Elaine Oxamendi-Vicet, Board Director (Ministry of Finance & Planning – ex officio); Ms. Vintoria Bernard, Board Director (Accounting); Hon. Florizelle (Flo) O’Connor, Board Director( Human Rights Advocacy); Rev. Canon Peter Mullings, Board Director (Religion)

Back Row: Standing from Left to Right
Mr. Keith Campbell, (Chief Executive Officer, ex officio); Mr. Mark Thomas, Board Director (Electronic Media, Journalism); Mr. Garfield Harvey, Board Director (Worker Representative); Rev. Conrad Pitkin, Board Director, Deputy Chairman (Religion); Mr. Gladstone Wilson, Board Chairman (Law); Mr. Kerron White, Board Director (Youth); Mr. Pierre Lemaire, Board Director (Education); Mr. Glendon Atkinson, (Staff Representative, ex officio)

Absent (Not in picture)
Ms. Joyce Hewett, Board Director, (Women’s Rights, Human Rights Advocacy); Ms. Norma Rodney Harrack, Board Director (Arts); Mr. Gordon Tewani, Board Director (Business); Mrs. Gaudia Chevannes-Aquart, Board Director; Mr. Horace G. Helps, Board Director (Sports); Ms. Shena Stubbs-Gibson, Board Director (Electronic Print Media, MAJ); Ms. Lavonne Dunbar, Board Director (Business)