Our Mandate

PBCJamaica was created in 1997 by an Act of Parliament

The functions of the Corporation shall be to provide public broadcasting services of high quality to promote:

(a) the encouragement and propagation of positive values and attitudes within the society;

(b) the development of education and training;

(c) the dissemination of news, information and ideas on matters of general public interest;

(d) the vitality of democratic institutions;

(e) the protection of the environment;

(f) the development of literary and artistic expression;

(g) the development of culture, human resources and sports;

(h) respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and the responsibilities of the individual to society;

(i) integrity in public and private life.

Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Corporation shall have power to do all such things as are in its opinion necessary for or conducive to the proper discharge of its functions and, in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, it shall have power:

(a) To erect, maintain and operate broadcasting transmitting relay and receiving stations;

(b) To install and operate broadcasting distribution services;

(c) To provide or to arrange for the provision and equipment of studios and other premises for broadcasting services;

(d) To make arrangements for the production and distribution of programmes broadcast by the Corporation and to receive programmes to be broadcast by the Corporation;

(e) To do such things as are necessary or expedient for the purpose of turning to account any property or rights of the Corporation.