Highlighting the growing problem of missing people in our midst.
Why, who and where – have they gone. Also posts a bulletin of missing persons for the week.

Meet Your Ministries

Taking a look at a Minister of Government and what they do and the issues confronting each Ministry. Hosted by Leighton Thomas.

School Scene

A visit to high schools, looking at the achievements and quality on offer. The young people perform, talk and show what’s good about their school.

All Sixty

An in-depth look at the sixty members of Parliament – in their constituencies and at work. Each programme will profile each member.

Youth Vibes

Discussion and chat, on topical youth issues. Hosted by young people in pursuit of the solutions to everyday issues.

Schools Challenge Quiz

High schools face off in a quiz based on intellectual prowess. 2009 sees it celebrating its fortieth year.


Popular talk show, one to one interview with Ian Boyne.

Lime Tree Lane

Local serial centered on life in a city lane, full of characters and interactions. . comedy /drama.

Oliver At Large

Nothing can stop this inimitable comedian. Sitcom featuring one of Jamaica’s best loved comedians – Oliver Samuels et al, in various scenarios. Hugely popular in Jamaica and the Diaspora.

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