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The News

Accurate, Dependable, Credible. The News on PBCJ is your source for news. This programme offers quality over quantity and airs Mondays to Friday at 12 noon. Its offers viewers a quick grab of the day’s leading stories.


Parliament Live is a PBCJ staple programme taking the viewer directly to the heart of our governance system. It allows you the audience to see and hear your elected officials as they make decisions that affect your daily lives.


Trailblazers seek to explore the lives of pass, current and future Jamaican Olympians, those who made it on the world stage as well as those who did not. The show provides viewers with a look at what goes into making an Olympian and the importance of never giving up even if they stumble along the journey to the top of the sporting world.

Tomorrows World
Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s world sounds the trumpet on biblical prophecies and answers the questions ripped from today’s headlines with insights from the bible

Something More
Something More

If you can’t go to church…then the church will come to you. The Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre pastored by Bishop Herro Blair invites you weekly to worship with them. There is praise, worship and preaching…and there’s even something more.

Lessons On Climate Change

Documentary television series showcasing various programs showing the impact of Climate Change, the causes, the National Agenda, International Climate Change treaties and what we can all do to adapt


What Not just another entertainment show, JamFlow with host Orlando Martin injects the brain in entertainment. It takes you beyond and behind the music, giving viewers the often untold history behind the superstars.


Sixty Seconds with the NHT is a 1 minute look and projects, programmes and housing developments being spearheaded by the Trust. The show provides home owners and potential home owners with information to facilitate them expanding or building their dream homes.

JADCO and you
JADCO and You

Learn more about the role and inner workings of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission, which promotes excellent performances through drug free sport

Miracle Revival Hour
Miracle Revival Hour

Come for the worship, stay for a miracle. A one hour special of old fashioned, foot-stomping, spirit-shaking revival service.

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