Current Programmes

A Different Life

A Different Life is a window into the world of persons living with disabilities. The programme aims to highlight their challenges, their courage and their champions. Join us as we focus on the issues of access, the wide range disabilities and the various institutions designed to serve their needs. The programme is hosted by Dr. Christine Hendricks, Executive Director of the Jamaica Council of Persons with Disabilities.

PBCJ Presents

This weekly show will examine various pertinent issues affecting Jamaica and the region. Each week a panel of guest experts will dissect the issue at hand, as well as propose workable solutions. We also intend to share the view of the ordinary man in the streets through regular vox pops and feedback from our online audience who will be allowed to submit questions ahead of time to be answered by our panel.

Eat Jamaica

Jamaica’s top chefs share their most tantalizing recipes.


Explore Jamaica

In this series, we invite our most adventurous viewers to satisfy their wanderlust by exploring some of Jamaica’s hidden treasures.


Duppy Story

A view of the supernatural world through the lens of centuries-old Jamaican culture.


The News

The News on PBCJ is a half hour look at local, regional, business and sports stories. You can depend on accurate, informative and credible stories from Jamaica and the region. It’s the News on PBCJ…The People’s Station.


Parliament Live is a PBCJ staple programme taking the viewer directly to the heart of our governance system. It allows you the audience to see and hear your elected officials as they make decisions that affect your daily lives.


Trailblazers seek to explore the lives of pass, current and future Jamaican Olympians, those who made it on the world stage as well as those who did not. The show provides viewers with a look at what goes into making an Olympian and the importance of never giving up even if they stumble along the journey to the top of the sporting world.

Tomorrows World
Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s world sounds the trumpet on biblical prophecies and answers the questions ripped from today’s headlines with insights from the bible

Something More
Something More

If you can’t go to church…then the church will come to you. The Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre pastored by Bishop Herro Blair invites you weekly to worship with them. There is praise, worship and preaching…and there’s even something more.

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